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As we know Candida symptoms are incredibly uncomfortable and it requires a balance of PH levels, alkaline, acidity, toxins and other substances to stay in check ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Any Candida removal regiment requires dedication and determination, but the results can be dramatic. It won't go away over night and it will take several weeks even months to regain your previous health.

What you will receive in the Candida Kit is a daily smoothie regiment with 21 herbs individually sealed by the once. These herbs will be added into each smoothie. The Kit will have several breakfast, lunch and dinner smoothies categorized by the week or phase you are currently in. We will also ask you to seriously look into purchasing other aids like herbal teas or probiotics. You don't have to but we will list daily certain teas for example and if you have them in your kitchen cabinet great and if you don't next time you are at the grocery store you may want to pick up a box.

We will explain and inform you of just about every option available to beat Candida. Your body will ultimately tell you what direction to take. Daily as we progress and your Candida symptoms are eliminated your healthy gut will tell you what it needs, that's why The Candida Kit system works because we expect your body to eventually take over and take back your health. How we accomplish this is by journaling your daily regiment and we find the patterns of success and failure. We will train you how to listen to your gut and create winning patterns vs unhealthy nutritional patterns that only cause flare-ups.

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